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Tough Class/Prest Questions (from a K1 player)


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Please make some suggestions on class/prestige based on the following. I want to enjoy all the skills to get the most out of the story and game. Basically, I would like to put as many points into useful skills as necessary and no more. I would also like sneak attacks.


A little background.


In K1 I liked playing 7 Scoundrel/13 Guardian with high strength. Using Force Jump (fun) to get sneak attacks and stun powers she did so much damage that low VPs was irrelevant. Jumping, stunning, combined with flurry and dual sabers were incredibly effective.


In K1 I always play max lightside but determined the dark powers that were still FP efficient like: Kill (a choking power), Insanity (a Stun/Fear power). Generally I also chose: Heal; Improved Energy Resistance; Affect Mind; Force Wave; and Destroy Droid. All of these powers could be used in full armor (my scoundrel took the armor feats just for fun and to be different >_< ). Dark Powers as a light sider always appealed to me.


Can you make some suggestions on what would work with K2? I am ready to play, but wanted some expert advice instead of rerolling 20 times :-


So far I think I need high constitution (for Implants) and Watchman for Sneak Attacks? But to get the skills to get the most from the story would mean a Sentinel which means no Guardian and my beloved force jump would be history *cry*


I could use some guidance. Thank you!

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Guardians aren't any good anymore. In K1 they had the highest BAB but now that's gone. Sneak attack is probably much greater than force jump if you combine it w/something like Stasis Field. Anything sentinel or watchman is the most powerful build in the game.


Thank you so much.


Can someone give me a list of skills and such that will help me maximize the story? As story spoiler free as possible. It is enough to say, you should get your constitution to X and your repair to Y because it will help, etc.


I just want to avoid getting half way through and finding that I didn't have something that opens up fun options in the story. Example: I read somewhere that constitution opens up fun implants. I usually do not use that stat at all.

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