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Ideas for KOTOR3

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Whatever the story ends up being will probably be fine with me. What I want to see next time is some improved graphics. TSL, so far that I've played (about 8 hours) is everything I expected, except for graphics. I have only one crash, and none of the other bugs reported by others (knocking on wood). Some areas are excellent, others are near 640x480 quality, especially in some of the cut scenes. Given the quality of the graphics of "newer" games, these seem quite dated.


I currently have an Athlon 2800+ on an ASUS mobo with 1gig of pc3200 and a geForce 5600. I have most of the settings maxed, and except for some areas with mist, I am getting very good frame rates. I'd like the next game to cause me to have to do some upgrading.

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What I want for KOTOR 3:


Bioware should take care of the engine, graphics, gameplay, testing, etc, but stay the HELL AWAY from the plot. Let Obsidian take care of that.

Indeed, after playing TSL, KOTOR's story seems too boring.

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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