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Patch 2.00.424


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Earlier today the updater didn't: It couldn't find http://swpatch.obsidianent.com/swkotor2/sw_pc_english.txt or something to that effect. Now that file is there and says latestgameversion=2.00.424 . Except that when it tries to patch it reports: Can not find patch file: /swkotor2/sw_pc_english_from200420_to200424.md5 , and points at http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/Kotor2.htm which doesn't have anything.


Is there actually a patch out there somewhere?

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ya, its weirdn if you use that link you ave (the first one, the obsidian one) it says that i could only use forward slashes so i used the link that page had and i sware to god it said "hello, snakbitch" wtf?


also i tried that update thing, when i first bought the game it also told me that it couldn,t find all that stuff but wheneever i used the obsidian link it said the the forums were down so i figured that they will get back up eventually. anyway i tried the update thing again... and it worked but i had version 2.00.424 before the update... wierd, huh? anyway ya there is an update, get it. the game is so buggy i wonder what the update does?



if anyone could post what it does it would be nice

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...but i had version 2.00.424 before the update...

Contention:* There are (at least) two release versions - 2.00.420 and 2.00.424 - since I have the first, and you have the second. The update server only knows about 424 - hence there is no patch from 420 to 424, the updater is merely getting confused trying to find one. What the difference between 420 and 424 is I guess we'll never know.


(* Yeah; I've been playing too long already :) .)

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