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pretige classes and saber construction NEED HELP

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alright damnit I'm just about into the surface military station on Talus (I don't care what the game calls this planet, that's what this planet is :D, just like the Sojurn, and every damn voiceover calling it something else)



now my question, exactly WHEN lvl wise or quest wise do I picka prestige class? If I remember right, in kotor 1 the characters only had 20 total levels to split up. I for one have STILL YET to see a place to pick a new/multi/pretige class, and I'm past lvl 10. I'm way past lvl 10 characters, what is going on. Did I miss something, or am I missing out?


and am I even close to building my own saber yet? I've got that first item, and a crystal, and all the upgrades I could make, but I still can't make a saber yet. I feel as if I'm going half naked here.




Also, shot out to the devs, The assassin droid was the one and ONLY character I wanted in kotor 2 :D. He wasn't as mean as the first kotor yet though. When do I get to finish repairing him? Off of talus? I heard around hour 15, but I admit I've been slow doing every quest possible, and I'm almost at a full 24 hrs into the game.

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you also have to talk to someone (im not telling you who) and i believe someone else has to show up as well (again, not telling you who).


my best advice is to slow down and actually let the game happen. you seem a bit too preoccupied with getting a prestige class at the expense of enjoying the game and story unfold.

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well, if he wants to cheat, let him, its not like it is effecting anyone else.


Its like Nexus - The Jupiter Incident, i finished the game on all difficulties, even though i don't see the point in playing on different difficulties if all there is, is harder enemies and no rewards for playing on higher difficulties, all this is with the latest patch for the game which fixes the difficulties not working properly and then i went in and modded the game to give full tech from the start. lol


but i had to leave it until a certain point (still very early) before i could safely use the most advanced stuff without the game crashing, it still didn't make the game too easy, i didn't mod out the shields to be unlimited or anything like that....then it wouldn't be any fun if you could go up against a whole armada of ships with one ship and win. lol


So, in the long run, cheating on SP may make the game way too easy, but it only effects the person cheating and no one else.


The only time i find it annoying and pathetic is when people cheat on MP, which ruins it for everyone else. (ie. Counter Strike etc.)


So, it is up to the player if he/she wants to cheat.

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