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Well it crashed alot more for me and also when I got to the Leviathan there was a game stopping bug with an elevator. Reloaded way back since I suck with saves. Later a workaround fixed it though. The save games would freeze 1/3 through, just like they do for me in part 2.


EDIT - Oh and the sand people disguises were totally bugged. They worked the first time you used them but when returning they were like wearing "Clothes".


Oh and the FMVs would stutter really bad and basically be unviewable sometimes.


Then there was some problem with leveling up where your stats would change to all 8's or something. I forget now.


Dialog would completely glitch at times like it was on fast forward and you would miss whole lines of text.


Probably a million more. Yeah it was buggy.

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KotOR ran perfectly out of the box for me. I'm having minor troubles with KotOR2 but have yet to try a couple of things. Mind you, the former I played on my older system which had an nVidia card (GF4 Ti4600). My new system has a Radeon X800XT and the troubles may be driver based... which I shall find out when I get home this afternoon.

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KotOR 1 ran fine for me, except for some slow-down issues which were totally fixed by the first patch. KotOR 2 runs perfectly too, so far.


Moral Lesson: NVIDIA GeForce cards are your friends :p


Yup :D

I love nVidia... I am building an SLi but I'm not going to be a retard and buy 2 cards at once.


My System:


AMD Athlon64 FX-55 (I got this processor for $600 on NewEgg!)

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe ($190)

2GB (512*4) Corsair DDR 400 (It cost me $400 in total)

Asus 6800 Ultra ($600)

2*WD 74GB SATA 10,000RRM (came to $400) - Raid 0

400GB Hitach Deskstar 7200RPM SATA

16X DVD+/-RW (NEC ND3500 - $60)

16X DVD-ROM/52X CD-RW ($40)

Cooler Master Wave Case w/ 550W OCZ PSU ($120)

Thermaltake K450 ($25)

Leadtek ''EXPERT'' PCI TV/FM Tuner Card with Remote


Don't laugh...

15 inch CRT monitor.... :thumbsup:(


I'm still debating though... Should I grab an Audigy 2 ZS or something? Also, any idea on budget speakers? I've been looking at the Z-5300 but I'm not sure... Help?



*NOTE* - Parts still arriving... Everything will be here before the end of the week


I'm going to buy another 6800 Ultra when the next series of cards comes out. That way, I can still show off :)). What do you guys think?

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with 1.0 kotor 2 as buggy as it is.  was kotor1 as buggy 1.0?  i don't know cuz i got it when 1.3 patch was out


Yep 1.0 KotOR was pretty buggy but nowhere as near as bad as KotOR 2... Or atleast thats what some people think. I am annoyed with the crashes but this game is much better than the original KotOR if you ask me...


A dark clouds looms over Hiigara. The Warriors of the fringe will never be defeated - Makaan


I enjoyed blowing his ship up in Mission 15 :thumbsup:

But damn did those planet killers piss me off.. That's ok I finished them off without a single hit on Hiigara.

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Show off :lol:


Take it your still using the onboard sound. I'd deffinately go for an upgrade - sound quality will be better and you won't take a performance hit. If you want to do it on the cheap go with an Audigy 2 Value (it's a ZS without the gold contacts or firewire) excellent value. Cheap speakers can always be a bit dodgy. I paid

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