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Blaster-wielding Jedi

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Would like to hear if anyone has made one and gone all the way through the game, i just started one. At the tail end of my last game i outfitted HK-47 with the best blaster pistols i had found- madalorian disintigrator and the micro-blaster i found on Onderan- upgraded them to the nuts with level 5 everything almost put all of his stats into dex etc etc. I was sort of amazed to see how much ass he kicked. His damage was 23-45 (with 38 attack) on the right and 19-31 (33 attack) on left, and using maxxed rapid shot he hardly ever missed and dropped the sith on telos so fast i was taken aback.



Any other thoughts on blasters/rifles???

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As far as I know Kotor 1, It's the same in different ways: At blasters your hit-chance and damage are affected, at melee weapons it is your defence and damage.

Since your hit-chances are the measure, how far away you can get from your enemy, which affects his hit-chances, it is pretty much the same.

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One thing I've definately enjoyed about some of the new force powers they've added, meaning Force Direct/Force Redirection (and Force Body although that doesn't apply to this specific situation) and feats, being Close Combat and Precise Shot (and Targeting for Mira/Hanharr,) not to mention the Unarmed series and the related special abilities that both Handmaiden and Bao-Dur gain in that area... is that it allows for a very wide range of varied combat styles that just weren't possible in KOTOR1.


While I haven't gone so far as to make my PC a permanent blaster user, but I have experimented with several non-lightsaber builds for my other characters. For my first game I was unlucky enough to only have a single saber for a long time and Kreia spent long enough using the scout/watchman or sonic pistols that I never ended up giving her one and instead built up on her dueling feat with close combat and precise shot. She was quite useful with the higher DC Stun and attribute damage pistols, while using Master Speed for extra attacks. I did the same with Atton as an experiment, though I didn't end up using him much that play-through because of the redudancy with my PC being a sith assassin and more than one sneak attacker in the group just doesn't fit. On the other hand, though I haven't reached getting her in my current game, I can't wait to see what Mira can do with a modded Mandy Ripper/Disintegrator in one hand, the Force in the other and a rocket-launcher on her wrist.


Beyond the characters that start or can be trained as Jedi, I'm very happy that they've given the non-Jedi, and the blaster users, a bigger role in combat later in the game. Mandalore, HK and Hanharr... they can all be extremely vicious with ranged weapons and the right feats.... though I prefer using rifles with them, favourites being the Heavy Repeating RIfle, Mandy Repeating Rifle and the Charric.


Talking about misfit Jedi, my personal favorites are using the Handmaiden and Bao-Dur and leaving them unarmed. Both of their unique unarmed feats make their damage more than comparable to most highly modded lightsabers, especially considering the specialist unarmed gloves you can find.


Suffice to say that the feats/powers that were added, the adjustments made to the different non-Jedi classes, and the unique abilities given to the party members have made a huge difference in the ways you can develop your PC and his allies. I can remember how unbalanced the game was towards anything non-Jedi at higher levels and was specifically harsh for the non-blaster users.


To sum up: You can develop your characters anyway you want, and there are hardly any variations that aren't feasible.


One other thing. The flurry and rapid-shot feats are no longer the "required" choices they used to be, even for a non-Jedi duelist or rifle user. With a correctly modded weapon and stats critical strike and sniper shot are better for the one-hander/rifle users without Master Speed, while mastering power strike/shot is the way to go for the dual-wielders or single weapon Jedi with Master Speed. The only people I consider flurry for are the Handmaiden and Bao-Dur (if they don't become Jedi) and Hanharr, because of how low his intelligence (for sniper-shot) is after I'm finished breaking his spirit a few times :rolleyes:


-horus -lvx-

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