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Something i was thnking about

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I am from England so i haven't got the game yet but i don't mind reading spoilers about the game.

Iwas thinking about something that was said when people first finished the game about something Darth Treya says. I heard she said something about Reven going off to find the real thret is this true? I assumed that the people in this game would be the real villans that Reven went to find. So could somebody just confirm for me what is said and what acctually happened to him if anybody gt HK-47 fully operational again thankyou. :rolleyes:

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You know you're ruining the game for yourself. :rolleyes: But....the real threat is the Sith Empire. Not the ragtag wannabe fallen Jedi's who find a holocron and a red crystal and call themselves Sith..the REAL Sith who thousands of years ago split from the order and established their own Empire in the unknown regions of space. Korriban and other Sith Worlds are just distant outposts.

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