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Infinite Experience Glitch Hsssiss

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I stole this from Gamefaqs but it seems cool for your replays. Let me know if it works. BTW, it's from gamefaqs...so there's plenty of "133t-type" nonsense. :)




This post is to help people understand the best usage for the "Infinite Hssiss Spawn" on Korriban.



-Force Storm

-Death Feild

-A Prestige Class


-Lots of Will boosting Eq.

-The Damage+, FP Regen, Force Stance




1) Location- Head to Korriban, then into the Shryak Caves. Then head into the Sith Temple located at the back of the caves. After the second "vision" you receive involving the mined bridge, head east until you reach a north/south path split. Take the South Path. At the end of the path will be a small room with four central pillars and a jedi corpse in the center.


2) Preparation- Equipt all your Force/Will increasing EQ. now. Save your game. Walk up to the corpse and examine it. @ Hssiss Dragons will spawn. Use Force Storm and determine how many times you have to cast it to kill the Hssiss. If it takes 5-6 castings you are ready. If not start out at a lower number.


3) Teh Ub3r Farming m3thod- Quickly (VERY QUICKLY) tap "A" to examine the corpse Twenty (20) times. If you do it quick enough you will spawn 40 Hssiss before they even have a chance to attack. Next tap "R" repeatedly until you detect one through their cloaking field and the game enters battle mode. Now, spam Force Lighting (X) like theres no tomorrow and kill every single Hssiss. If you get low on health, pause (White), clear the action que (Y), and spam Death field (X) instead until your health has recovered. (Death feild absorbs like 10 hp per enemy multiplied by 40 hssiss = Easy full health)


4) The Rewards- Once you have the timing down you should be killing 40, 400xp Hssiss, every 60 seconds (40 x 400 x 60 = 960,000 Exp per hour baby! Vroooom!), and it only gets faster as you level up!



-Dark side characters will obviously have a much easier time since Force storm only costs 5 FP for them, Light siders may have to take breaks to allow their FP to regenerate.

-If you are running a Thompson or lower SAVE AFTER EACH LEVEL UP. Apparently some older models cant handle calculating the saving throws of 40 Hssiss at the same time, resulting in freezieness accompanied by that infuriating buzzing noise.

-You really wont need to do this for an hour seeing as how I got my Level 17 Sith Marauder to Level 40 in 35 minutes.

-Once you are done dont forget to refine your personal power crystal. At level 40 it "Radiated Blinding light" and provides teh Ub3r stat increases.

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I once got to Level 50 but then I gave up because it was too long.















By the way Traya had 1431 life points when I faced with my LV 50. Proves your stats changes hers...

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If you're very strongly LS, then your force points won't regenerate at all. You need to take Force Drain (I think it's called), probably at its highest level. On the other hand, if you're LS, you can't die, so you could just hack at them with a lightsaber. :)

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