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GO-TO and Remote?

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1)Who is Remote?


2)Is he the droid Bau Dur is supposed to have?


3)Can you control Remote?


4)Can remote hurt enemys?


5)If not, what's he for?


6)Why does GO-TO hurt/kill him?



If you have time and interest, please answer my questions.

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1... and 2 = you answered your own question. Yes. Select the droid while on the Ebon Hawk and it will plainly display it's name.


3 = Only very late in the game.


4 = Yes. He will fight when Bao-Dur is in your group. If you enter/exit the Ebon Hawk enough times, you will see several scenes in which Bao-Dur will upgrade him to make him more useful in battle.


6 = This is explained, although very poorly, late in the game.

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