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Yet another bug!

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So, I finally convinced the handmaiden to train as a Jedi. Hooray for me.

However, as soon as I get the dialogue that the Handmaiden can go up as a Jedi Gaurdian, Kreia stands up and says



Right after that, I get a load screen for the Telos Academy, and Im back there right after my conversation with Atris from the beginning of the game. I can talk and fight with the handmadiens, but I can not go to the meditation chamber, and most annoying of all, I can not board the Ebon Hawk, which sits patiently in the hanger.

When I approach it, I get the icon saying 'Board Ebon Hawk' like normal, but if I touch the ramp nothing happens and the icon dissappears.

This is quite annoying, because now I can't use the Handmaiden as a Jedi.

I will say it again, I can't believe how buggy this is for a console game, total rush job. I have already returned my copy to await it on PC, and am playing it out on a rental copy just to satisfy my fix.

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