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Nar Shadaa

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A couple of anamolies I noticed on Nar Shadaa:


1) You can kill Lootra in the flophouse. Later, when you meet his wife, she will mention him, you can tell her you ran across him and that she should go meet up with him. She thanks you and runs off. Later, if you go back to the flophouse, she is there in his apartment, he isn't there because he is dead, yet she thanks you for reuniting them anyway. :thumbsup:


2) The Bith scientist in the flophouse.. After you do his mission for him, he is found dead. Well, before I did the mission, I went to his apt., left my two party members there inside, flipped on solo mode, then went to Pylon 3 and let the droid follow me all the way back to his apt. I kill the droid, and then magically, poof, the Bith scientist is dead. Of course no one in my party saw what happened. :-"

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