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Killing Taya somewhat easily

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This strategy will work for all DS characters but is intended for Sith Lords and Consulars.


On the first form use Force Crush...in all likeliood this will render her useless.


On the second form use Force Scream (Force Storm might also work) and remember to heal frequently.


Now enjoy the ending...if that's possible.

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Exactly what did he do wrong?

He didn't say who Traya is.

And you yourself are violating the rules.Asking if he's naturally stupid(see the Harrassment guideline).I'll post it for you,but I'm sure you will deny that you are violating the rules.

"Harassment:We ask that the users of this board treat one another with respect, even when opinions differ. Personal attacks that are intended to cause unwanted attention, embarrassment, or harm will not be tolerated. In addition, Obsidian does not tolerate disrespectful and/or slanderous posts about its competitors, developers and publishers. Such posts will be subject to editing or deleting, with its posters censured or banned."


Instead of trying to disrespect him,you could have asked if he read the guidelines and then pointed out to him what he did wrong.But I don't see what he did wrong.He didn't spoil anything if that's what you was thinking.

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Well lets see if I can defend myself here.....first of all the name Traya doesnt have any meaning unless you have already fought them....I had looked at many strategies for defeating her and wasnt sure of who she was until I actually fought her. And secondly if you are looking at strategies on how to defeat her then it wouldnt be a whole lot of use if I just put how to beat her first form now would it? And yes I am just naturally stupid but that doesnt have any relevance here

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