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You're in a maze of twisty passages...


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Once we left Atris (2nd time) - the game just seemed to fall apart.


I thought that the strength of this game was going to be the character interaction and I can't even talk to anyone after that point?


Even before that, the game developers started picking out who I was supposed to do the missions with - no time to have fun with my new Jedi at all.


And - once I got to End game - and learn a thing or two - NO CHANCE to talk to my pals - now I've got some good intel, and can't get to them.


Then the end - covered in the other thread 'filling plotholes' thread - what a disapointment.


Gameplay was great - until the end - when you are stuck in the proverbial maze of twisty passages - all alike world. H


I Loved KOTOR, and I had been so looking forward to TSL, especially since I loved Fallout & the other things on the dev's resume list.


But now that I got there - I'm actually quite bummed.


My scores:


KOTOR: 9.3


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Exactly . . .


I couldn't agree with you more, the game was very rushed and at one point I chose one person to go with me on a mission started the mission and then they removed them from the party and replaced them with someonelse. Visas gives me the option of telling her to not come, but then comes anyways. I was so pissed that I had to take Visas and Mandalore that I ran through the first room of the Ravager, let them get killed and finished it with just my mc. You take time to build characters and then you can't use them. The handmaiden is gone for almost the entire end of the game.


You should read the other thread, a lot of people agree

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