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So....I ended up playing KOTOR II.

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PST = Choose your own adventure book. It wasn't a game it was one of those sorry books where you had to turn to page 28 and read more. I've not played KoToR 2 yet as I'm pc only on this game, but Baldur's Gate was the best story they did and it was rather poor. I fear KoToR 2 may live down to the expectations(story wise) I had since I hear who Obsidian was.


Edit: Felt I should qualify a bit. I purchase Fallout, F2, BG, BG2, and PST. All games that most of them were a part of. Of those the game play was always ok, but after those uninvolving stories I swore I wasn't going to buy another game from them and if it wasn't for the fact they got KoToR2 I wouldn't buy a game from Obsidian unless it was bargain bin for cheep. I have better developers to waste my money on.

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