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How do I get Jedi Prestige Class??

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OK.... I did ALL the planets, and in fact I'm pretty sure I'm near the end of the game because my actions are coming into play (like what factions on what planets you helped now coming to help YOU) and I think I'm about to go against the final boss(es).


Anyway... Im not a Prestiege class yet. Where/when/HOW do you get it? I think I may be screwed and its too late for me, but for my 2nd play through I'd like to know...

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You don't have to be on the Eban Hawk. I was outside the compound on Dantooine when I got my prestige class. When you speak with her, she will go straight into the speach -- there is no option you have to select.


I'm not sure why it isn't offering it to you. Maybe try chating with her on a few planets.

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