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Feats needed for DEX to mod lightsaber attack

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I was reading over the delicious strategy guide excerpt that is now available on the LucasArts site when I noticed this tidbit:


"For scouts and droids, dexterity is the most important physical attribute because of the bonuses granted to ranged attack rolls. The Two-Weapon Finesse feats allow a nimble but weak character (like Visas Marr) to add their DEX modifier to melee and lightsaber attacks (but damage rolls still use your STR bonus, as normal)."


In KOTOR, your "To hit" rating with a lightsaber was modified by STR or DEX, whichever was higher. I never played Star Wars PnP, but I remember some people complaining about this, because in Star Wars d20 or PnP or whatever the player needed to invest a feat to get that ability. It seems in KOTOR 2 that STR modifies all melee combat unless you take this feat.


Now, the wording here makes me wonder... will we be adding our DEX modifier to the STR modifier or only replacing it, as was done in KOTOR with no feat needed?


Also, why would we need to take this feat multiple times, as is suggested by the plural tense? It seems like the sort of ability that should only need learning once.


These nitpicky wording questions might be involuntary, overzealous copy editing on my part, or simply mistakes in the guide. For instance, later in the guide I found this statement, which seemingly contradicts the earlier mention (it also drops the confusing "Two" prefix): "Weapon Finesse allows you to use your DEX bonus (instead of STR) with melee attacks, but those in melee generally wear armor that limits this feat

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