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What do you think of the graphics!!

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looks pretty much like kotor... with robes.


why you ask?


kotor2 were a short development using same engine as original... an engine which weren't all that impressive as far as graphics went when it were released last year. kotor2 were developed more like an expansion than a sequel. we has seen almost 100 screenshots of kotor2 over the past year. we has seen quite a few game footage movies of kotor2 over the past year. is not like the fact that kotor2 looks much like kotor is much of a surprise to Gromnir.




"up to par"? am not sure what you set as par, but we note that at least for those of us who has been following development even a little, none of us should be surprised by the quality of kotor2 graphics.


lord knows that Gromnir ain

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