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the force sensitive party members

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Ok i dont know if it has been discussed so if it has please dont flame me, k.

But are the partymembers that are on the wallpaper of light and darkside the force sensitives. Atton, Handy gurl, Bao, Disciple, and Miss V (srry for the nicknames). Since they are shown being able to go light and dark like a jedi are they the forcesensitives out of ur group?......again im srry if this has been asked before.

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I dont think Atton Rand or Bao are force sensitive...I think only Handmaiden and Vissa Marr and Deciple and Kreia are adapted to the force....but it said some where you can train any of them to become Jedi? I read it some where that you can convince them to become Jedi.



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while I would like to be able to answer you one this, all I can say is that we only know for sure that two are force sensitive Viras Marr and Handmaiden, other than that as I said we just simple don't know yet.

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