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The Rakata

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All the One's people might have had some connection with the force since they were able to calm Rancors.


the priests had captured a few of The Ones dark Rakatan but they possesed no force affinity .. only The One himself did, that's why he rose up amongst their ranks and conquered the planet!

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Rakata where alright. Better than those silly fish. If I wrote fanfic on on an evil Revan I would make sure that the Rakata became enslaved. See how they like it.

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Ya to think of it you haven't really seen too much about them in the new game. I wonder if they'll have a pivitol role considering they had an abundance of technology that's darkside powered


exactly .. my instincts tell me that they won't play any importance in TSL, but they really should, since their technology would be very interesting from a Sith point of view .. Ships only they could command etc.



i thought that the mods said they 'werent' gonna be in Kotor2, or they might not have. I dont rlly remember

Why would the mods know? They didn't make the game.

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