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REQ: Start-up info


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just something that's crossed my mind recently, how do you deal with financing a project that takes 2 years to bear fruit, you have to have a steady cash flow to help you through until you can live off the earnings.


Obsidiant, despite being a startup game development studio, has alot of experience under its belt, plus they inherited the Kotor2 deal right off the bat (?), then the NWN2 one, these are "bankable" names that'll get you the financial support that you need to get you going.


Could anyone give me a link to a "development diary" of sorts from a company that had to start from scratch? And something recent please, everyone knows that game development costs are making leaps and bounds and now rival hollywood movie budgets.


Just curious. I guess I'm another one of those that dreams of starting his own company from scratch.


BTW, if you had to choose on a "near-free" engine license, what would it be? The Torque Shader Engine, adding the Network component from Tirbes2 (and it's supposed to be very good), seems like a good deal for developing an RPG.


Feel free to be opiniated,



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I doubt Obsidian will be buying an engine, they will most likly make their own. Even though making a engine is a long and complicated task.

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Just a general reccomendation for those who want to live "The Dream" :lol:


I reccomend starting small. No experience = no financial backing. Plus you have no experience, you're going to make mistakes :D


The best way to start is by getting into the industry and getting some experience, but if you're determined to do it on your own:


Don't jump right in trying to make the Half-life 2 killer. Start with smaller things and work your experience, reputation, and cash flow up. If you don't want to work for another developer try starting with smaller games.


There are lots of small flash games on the internet. (I'm thinking Tetris-a-like size). You could design and create a couple small games like this, maybe make a little cash.


There are plenty of third party tools and libraries that developers use that are smaller than writing a whole game. Take a look at Rad Game Tools. Come up with something useful that doesn't currently exist. The key is to limit the scope to something you can handle with your current financial situation.


Making mods has an occasional payout.


Even if you aren't succesful financially, you should learn a lot. And don't give up just because of one failure. If you start and realize you're in over your head, maybe you should try getting a job in the industry first, to build up your skills.

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I believe you are right.


Half-life 2 killer, perhaps not, but if someone might come up with an original idea, and something that's a bit less linear (don't underestimate replay value) . RPG. Co-op. etc.


When there's a will, there's a way. (wisheful tone)


Thanks for the reply.


BTW, no one has actually commented on the merits of licensing Garagegames technology for a RPG. It's not "Vampire" caliber graphics but...



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I'm afraid that I don't know of any indie developer diaries that describe their progress from the very beginning and have completed a successful game.


As for which game engine I personally would choose, it would be the Torque Game Engine (TGE), and in fact I am currently learning how to use it to create a CRPG. Your mileage may vary, however, depending upon your particular needs.


The Torque Shader Engine (TSE) is not yet completed, although an "Early Adopter" license is available for existing TGE license owners. Both TGE and TSE already include network support, so I'm not sure why you suggested adding code from Tribes 2 (which is older).


If you would like to see an example of a CRPG project being developed using TGE, take a look at "The Chronicles of Ny" from ClownKeep. It looks like they are making good progress.


If you do decide to use TGE, I would suggest buying 3D Game Programming All In One by Kenneth Finney ($30 to $50), as it walks you through the process of creating a game using TGE, and includes all the software you need to do so (some of which requires a licensing or registration fee for long term use).


If it suits your needs, you can then get a TGE "Indie" license ($100), and then a TSE license (TGE license + $150) shortly after that.


You will also need a 3D modelling program such as Milkshape ($25) or Blender (free), an image editing/creation program such as Paint Shop Pro ($120) or the GIMP (free), a code editor (prices vary) and a C++ compiler (prices vary wildly).


I think I've spent about $500 so far.

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Garage Games is offering the networking portion (which is based upon T2 technology) of their engine as a standalone, my mistake.


thank you for the tips, I'll look into the clownkeep.com right away, I appreciate the post, good luck with your project. Put up a weblog/ diary/.plan (whatever you choose to call it), it would make for an interesting read.


Once again, thanks


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If you want enter into the buisness then you must prove yuor worth.

Try to make a FREE mini - game and add to your CV. Then sent it to Video Game industrys and if they really need person you will get the job. After that if you have the guts you can start your own buisness ,but this is the hard part because you might fail.


Actually I want someone good 3D modeler in order to do a mini game and gain the video game working experience.

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It doesn't really matter what the scope of the project is, the important thing is that you prove that you can complete it. My biggest problem is that I undertake too many things and end up wit a lot of loose ends. Cry for me, >_<


Oh, and, it's got to be interesting, fun, impressive, and free,... then maybe someone wil put aside their HL2-production-level game to give the independent developer a try. :ermm:


I wish I could run a survey to see how many people out there do actually try freebies that are on the Net just for the heck of it. Java games, Flash games, etc.


"All we need is a good plan"



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