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A Question for Someone/Anyone from Australia

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Okay this topic,for the moment is safe from spoilers. However I wanted to try and check some information. A person on another board made a rather large plot based claim about the game,which for spoiler reasons I'm not saying in here at the moment,and when i asked where he heard it from he said:


I write for the xbox Magazine here in Australia, and for the issue comming out in december we have a preview of the game, due to the fact that, this mouth we were able to have a hands-on and deliver some information to the public.


...So my question is this,is the Mag out there yet? Or does anyone know of a mag coming in Dec claiming to have rather huge plot info? I tend to give people the benifit of the doubt when they say things except the person was a very new user, which doesn't mean he's not telling the truth but it wouldn't be the first time someone signed up to just to create problems. Seeing how there's a number of people from Australia that come here I thought I could check this and see about the mag.

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The Official Xbox magazine is having a hands on preview in the december issue coming out 1 december, at least that what it is saying in the november issue...


Interesting...perhaps this person was telling the truth then.


Would you mind telling us where you found this information?


Not sure if that was too me or envida but...


As I said another poster said that on a message board(Game FAQ.) Stranger things have happened so I wasn't going to call the person liar. So I was checking over here because of the number of posters who are from Australia,to see about the mag itself.

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