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No updates!! - 7 days and counting...

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<_< Well I guess this week was going to be all about the Episode III teaser and the new game that will come with it.


I think there is a lot of info spoiler free for LA to give:




HK-50 - we are going to face him in the very beginning so I think it should be safe to tell us a bit about him


Some Sith guy - Almirant something.... another problem for us to deal with






Fly-by's of all the remaining planets and a video of inside the Eban Hawk




I real "get you into the groove", cinematics included, god all around, juicy trailer



Ps: I'm a PC owner from Portugal (in Europe) that is going to have to wait until perhaps April (acording to Amazon.co.uk) to get this game so I think it's only fare that I get regular fixes to help me deal with the wait :-

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