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Marka Ragnos


Marka Ragnos is the statue in the background... why would concept art be of a statue of a old Sith Lord as the main feature of it :ph34r:


Ive been thinking about this and:

Potential spoiler / theory




















Ive seen alot of old Sith Lords in the recent pictures and of planets where really powerful lords were buried.


we are known to visit alot of tombs during the game...


What if the main plot of this is that the current Sith Lords arnt actually Lords themselves, but they are governors trying to ressurect the really powerful Sith or something... In the demo at E3 then a man tells you that you are too late to stop something from happening in a tomb and it looks like something odd iss going on over the tomb.


Well im drunk, partially still stoned and very tired so if this is a ramble im sorry... but it sounds plausible in my head :devil:

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All the ancient Sith Lords had there tombs on Korriban: Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, Tulak Hord, etc. Anyway, in Jedi Academy the whole game is about resurrecting Marka Ragnos, so I doubt they would go for a similar theme in TSL.


Also, the small area we see in the teaser was built specially for viewing by the public, so that none of the storyline was given away. It was designed to only show off some of the new abilities and powers available.


I think its more likely we get to visit all the tombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords, and since Marka Ragnos was one of the most prominent Sith Lords of all time, its only natural his would be one of the tombs we get to explore. I hope the Valley of the Dark Lords, and their tombs, and better in TSL than they were in KotOR.

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No it wasnt that we saw his tomb on korriban, that is actually where it was :lol:


I am talking about Korriban being burial ground of the Sith Lords...


Then Dxun being burial ground to .... damned confusion cant think of the Sith Lords name....


Onderon being a Planet with a Dark Side aurour and having a dark side king.... well deceased king ^^ but an evil queen.


You go to tombs on all them planets and i have heard rumours of one on telos...


To me its just too much of a coincidence... and furthermore i dont drink in the morning... to my knowledge its 5 in the afternoon here :devil:

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The ancient Sith Lord of K2(whom Revan went to Korriban to investigate) will probably be someone invented by Obsidian and not someone from the EU

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Well, I doubt that the old Sith Lords have any stronger connection to the events in this game (if any at all), but I personally think it'd be cool to see statues of them in the game :thumbsup:. Cooler than just see a tomb... <_<.

Despite the fact that many people who've played KOTOR has a negative view on it, I'm still very optimistic about the Februari release and can't wait to get my paws on the game :D

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