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This is true of most forums that I have used in the past. After you post a topic and return to the forum that you were reading (presumably to look for another topic to read and/or post in) you are returned to the first page of forum threads. Now, if the topic you just posted in was on the 5th page of threads, for example, that presumes that you've read the threads on the first 4 pages. Now you have to manually go back to the 5th page to continue reading topics. I find this an annoying component of forums. I think that it would be extremely useful if after you made a post, you were returned to the page where you just were so you could easily continue reading (a post from the 5th page brings you back to the 5th page after the post is done). This would save a lot of scrolling through the pages, and I think others would agree that this would be helpful.


Of course, I don't even know if this is possible, or realistic. This could take a ridiculous amount of work, and/or code, and be a royal pain you-know-where. If it's not possible, or just not worth the effort, please let me know. This is a perfectly good excuse. But if it is possible, also please let me know, and concider implementing my suggestion. Thanks.

Live forever or die trying.



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