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Hey some of ur prayers may have been answered?

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by blood im sure the devs are replying to wounds recieved by swords and blades

Ah, of course.


Not true. How come on Hoth when Han Solo cut the tantaun open its guts ect were still all fresh and not burnt.

Because it's a tauntaun? Because Solo didn't cut the intestines? I couldn't say. I can say though that neither Luke or Anakin, nor the people on Jabba's barge, nor the Geonosians, nor Maul, nor Qui-Gon bled when cut.

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Does it really matter if we see blood or not, seems like a none issue to me. If you want cut people in half and see blood gushing there is plenty of games out there that do that. Personally I hope they dont put it in.


I agree, to me it really isn't that important. It adds a bit to realism, but I loved KotOR without blood, and TSL would suit me just fine without it as well. If I want blood I would play some psycho FPS and blow heads off.

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Hmm...interesting. I'm going to have to take another look at the "Force Crush" animation. What I'm guessing that on the 'raise/quiver', at least the larynx is being crushed, if not the entire trachea. And on the 'crunch',the spine is being broken/shattered, possibly other bones at well. I can't really see any bleeding (other than possible internal bleeding), from the initial asphyxiation, and the same goes for the subsequent destruction of the bones (unless there are compound fractures). :ph34r:

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