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HK's designation?

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I'm pretty certain I've seen said that at least one HK model will be in the group. In one article it said something like party members including T3-M4 and a droid that suspiciously resembles a certain homicidal droid or something like that.


I don't know why but I got the impression after one article that HK-50 might be an enemy or even a traitor to the party, I forgot where I read what made me think of this, but perhaps HK-50 is a party member for a time and then is replaced by HK-47.


The only thing I do know is there will be multiple HK units ingame and at least one will be a party member for an undetermined amount of time.


I'm not sure about the mags, from what I've heard HK-50 looks different to HK-47 in color so it would be hard to mistake one for the other. It could have been an error on part of one of the mags, a typo, or the second mag played a different part of the game where the other HK unit was the party member. I'm certain a great deal will be given away by Christmas so you might know by then, whether you are one of the ones that buys it for X-Box or happen to catch spoilers from them.

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