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plot guessing

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revan goes off the run the sith, ( we know) and since he has hundreds of ships better than the ebon hawk he sells it yout the highest bidder, so you get it( or he just throws it away) then revan retires to korriban after basically running the entire universe for 5 years, and sion steppes up and so do his 2 apprentices ( the other sith lords) sion gets the job of exterminating the jedi, so he tracks you down and boards your ship. he killed your wife and children ( loved ones in general) hoping you would succumb to your anger5 at become a sith. it the battle thought, you are knocked unconscious and sion leave hk 47 on your ship to finish the job of killing you, get reports of your whereabouts, or turn you to the dark side. upon reaching peragus the citizens put you in the kolto tank so you can heal. sion finds out your still alive, and reports to sion of your survival. he tells hk 47 to kill you. he say yeah!!! and programs the droids to kill you. it didnt work so sion comes to kill you personally. you defeat him get back on the newly repaired ebon hawk and flee. t3m4 plays back who killed your wife and childred, and now your on a personal revenge adventure.


thnx for reading post any pros or cons

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That wont work, it doesn't expain why Revan left for Uknown Regions a year after Kotor I which is undisputed fact.

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Scion better not be the antagonist. If he is then that sucks. He looks like crap and he doesn't seem too powerful to me. That dude in the mask should be the all powerful one. Scion should just be a powerful Sith.

SION not SCION!!! sorry to be rude about it but it seems that some people are confusing Darth Sion with the Scion car.


anyway back on topic:


I am guessing Sion isn't the main bad guy in the game. I would think that there will be someone working in the background controlling everything. I also think that we will be given the choice to join each of the sith lords (that would take care of how we get the sith prestige classes). But once we join the one sith lord who gives us our prestige class I would think that we wouldn't be given the chance to join another sith lord we would just be force to battle them.

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