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I dont have a specific model to reccomend but if you plan on using it many hours I do have some insight.


Wireless models of anything don't last as long typically. As well as invisible path of some sort of radiating wavelength going through your brain when using it. If your going to use it a lot I would reccomend getting one with a wire. But maybe I'm just 'paranoid' as some would put it.


When it comes to your body being cautious isnt so bad IMO.

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I have a sennheisser digital compatible headset which rocks, and I've heard rumours they will soon bring out one complete with microphone.


Cost me a bit more than $50Aus though. ;)

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my brother uses his PS2 USB headset with his computer, and it seems to work fine. Its about $40 CAD

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What kind of game are these headsets for? If you need them for an fps and need to distinguish footstep directions on the fly, get a lower end bose or altec-lansing. If you're just using it for music/rpg/rts/adventure where 3d effects are not all that important, then just go to your local electronics store and pick up any ol' model for $9.99.


Of course, me being a geek, modded my own pair of this stuff. 4 speakers each covering a different range of frequencies on each side bridged by a crude aluminum band = awesome stuff.

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