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Walking the Path

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I know it has been hit on several times in this forum, but I haven't seen it answered by a DEV yet. Basically, is ANYTHING being done this time around to make it more difficult to distinguish between OBVIOUS light side and dark side answer choices?????


Best I can remember, all your LS or DS points came from conversations in which you had to make a choice in responses. And it was extremely clear each time which was the LS, which was neutral (if offered) and which was DS. This made "walking the path" rediculously easy (and in my opinion was probably the game's biggest weakness). Story line and replayability would be drastically improved upon if being light or dark wasn't as easy as choosing between "here's 200 credits.. go get something to eat"... or... "give me all your money or i'll kill you... better yet... TIME TO DIE!"


Does anyone have any ideas how to make conversation choices less obvious and/or other ways to improve this area?

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I laugh at you...


Okay, but in the demo (never played it, but I think is accurate word of mouth), there were dark side force pockets, pockets with brimming with evil...anyways, you could let them consume you for a nice DS hit, try to banish it, and if you failed, I think you still got DS points, but if you left it alone, I don't believe anything happened...no one knows if there will be LS force pockets or not... ;)

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