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I fail to see your point.

Remember what happened to all the other Masters that used his assassination protocol? What goes around, comes around.

Erm...actually I was referring to the line: (paraphrased)



Revan: Doesn't anyone DECENT ever find you?


HK: Ah, but you have found me master, perhaps you are lucky my assassination protocol is nonfunctional.




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But after the Leviathan when you tell him that he doesn't need to call you master he says: "Of course I do master. You are my creator." Or something like that.

Dunno, he tells you something different before you find out you're Revan. You need to talk you him more often man. The dialogue in the Droid Shop where you make the initial purchase is farcking hilarious!!! :lol:


HK: Suggestion: I have studied the meatbag Yuka Laka, and while he may be greedy, I believe he will respond well to.....aggressive bargaining! :D

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