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Petition Started!

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I don't think people would have been too upset if it wasn't for the fact that


1-It's only getting out first on x-box

2-It's only then in America!


So for all the pc using non-americans they feel like they are considered second-class by the corporations involved (Lucasarts and Microsoft).


And yeah, all true fans should heed the call to arms! Rise up against this oppresion and tyranny! :ph34r:

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Ive said it before...

I can wait that extra couple o months to get it on PC. I doubt many will buy an Xbox just for one or two good games on it. Me being one of those.

If u think about it, 2 months aint that long a wait, at least it aint been pushed back until after feb, into march and beyond, so lets be thankful for that.

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Just a couple points of clarification:


There is no PC team/X-Box team, here. We're all one team, working on both platforms at the same time. So no, the PC version doesn't have fewer people on it than the X-Box version. It has the exact same people on it.


The PC version hasn't been delayed. The X-Box version is coming out earlier. The PC version is coming out when the two were originally going to come out. Just because one platform is coming out earlier doesn't mean the other has necessarily been 'delayed'. A Feburary release for the PC version would be right on schedule.


All this reaction is why I think it's not wise for companies to announce estimated release dates so far in advance. Can you imagine Blizzard having announced a specific release date for WarCraft 3 when it was just a few months into development? And then having it take 4 years longer than originally expected? Of course not. There wasn't a release date until a couple months before the title went gold.


Or look at Half-Life 2, that's missed announced release dates by more than a year. They should've held off giving a release date until the end of the project.


The reaction going on here is why I think that's generally a more prudent approach to handling announcing release dates. All the same, our internal deadlines haven't changed since the project's inception. Make of that what you will.



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