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The Amazing 'Glow sticks of death'

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Am i the only one that had a problem with all the melee animations in kotor :ph34r:


It seemed to me that my level 1 scout used the exact same combat moves with a heavy short metal sword as when he was Revan lvl 20 Sith Lord using a weightless lightsaber. <_<


Another point; what we were delivered by bioware as lightsabers was completely disappointing. We had a nice little stick which when activated shot out a straight and cube like beam of energy! From what i have seen of the movies lightsabers blurr when are moved too fast and also are fountains of energy; They look very powerful and almost alive with energy. We didnt get any of this in the original kotor :)


Please Obsidian dont fall into Bioware's ditch and rectify these problems. It may be little things but will make play much more enjoyable. :p


Have i misse anything?

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They didn't look like cubes to me, but I could see a wierd star-shape at the tip of the saber when I was playing the computer version. X-box was too blurry to see that, I think.


Which version were you on, anyway? I remember blur of the lightsabers, as when I'd pause or take a screenshot I would see the blur - though it tended to be a bit crooked.

I think in the PC version it's less noticeable with certain graphical effects turned off.



I agree about swords and lightsabers being different, though. I suspect melee weapons will all have the same animations as eachother, improved though they may be from the first KotOR.

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Yeah. But its not like they use a lightsaber realistically in the movies either. Movie lightsabers are added in while the actors use sticks. So even though the blade is supposed to be weightless were never going to see moves that take advantage of this. In my opinion having separate lightsaber and melee weapon moves is a waste of dev time. Its not a big thing.

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My fault for being ambiguous.


I didnt think that lightsabers should have different animations from ordinary swords...i just figured that a master jedi should have slightly more skill with a weapon like a sword or saber than a ordinary guy. <_<


Yeah your right...i got a great pc and stuff just never bothered turning up the graphics. :D


Dont get me wrong either i think kotor was a fantastic game and i will never stop playing it (until kotor 2 :blink: ) im just trying to bring up points which obsidian could use to further the games condition.

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