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When it "goes gold" it doesn't take that long to manufacture it. The manual and box art are done beforehand so all they have to do is manufacture enough copies. It's all up to Lucasarts though, and what day they want to release it. IIRC KotOR I (Xbox) went gold a few weeks before it came out. Although if KotOR 2 is finished this year Lucasarts won't be waiting weeks to put it out, they'll want to get it out immediately so people can buy it during the holiday season.


As for when the first patch will be released? Who knows, it really depends on how well the game runs.

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When a game goes gold it can be released to retail within a matter of days. Pressing the initial shipments perhaps two days, and then the actual transport to the retailers is another couple of days. The biggest part is the actual going gold.


Patches usually follow a few weeks behind, as the developers are informed of the widest variety of problems with the game from the consumers. Let's face it, there is no way they can test for every single glitch on every single system. Obsidian seems to be on the ball, so I would figure patches for serious problems would be quickly released.

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Anyone have any ideas on how they're going to make patches to a x-box game?

Xbox Live DLC, if any patches are released for the Xbox.

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