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Influx of items?

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This is my first post on this forum :p


I've finally beaten KOTOR about one hour ago and had great fun, it was a very cinematic and immersive experience. I would like to discuss a particular aspect of this game, and that is the amount of items(especially armors, weaponry, grenades, mines) you can find in it. Don't you think that it was a bit too excessive in the first episode?


I understand that part of the fun is to experiment with all the gear at your disposal, but in the end I(so, it's a purely personal opinion) felt a bit lost, especially because you really don't need all that diverse armours and weapons in the last stages of the game; heck, it's even true for your "companions": when I got them all, I always used the other jedis plus Carth, leaving the others tapping their fingers on the Ebon Hawk.


But talking about items, I wish there could be less of them at your disposal inside a single game: this mean that you will eventually find other different items if you decide to play the game again, but not on your first try, so to take more important decisions on what to carry with you(weight limit or something like that, then...Or another system?)


What do you think? Did you find the "influx of items" at your disposal about right in KOTOR? Or was it a nuisance to move among all the stuff you collected? (again, beside the inventory management itself)




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Nah they just need

1. A merchant or merchants to buy the items at a reasonable price

2. Better inventory system

3. Better system of placing items in containers for the pack rats in the game.

4. Non-bugged containers on the ebon hawk to store items. Dont know about PC but on X-box somtimes stuff would disappear. Especially if I encountered the galaxy droid glitch.


p.s. This is my 424th post.

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