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Crossplay link issues for ps5

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Same issue here on PS5!

A few times, I’ve hit back on the browser, hit “Allow” again, at which point I get a new message saying my accounts are successfully connected- only for the game itself coming back with a separate message saying that it won’t connect because my account is logged in somewhere else…

So yeah, looks like a wait & see issue!

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Hello all!

I'm sorry that you were all affected by the cross-play bug that was introduced in yesterday's update. It should be resolved for PC-Steam, PS5, and PS4. We have a patch in the works to fix this for our new Nintendo friends. I recommend following the thread posted below to stay up to date. 

Grounded Twitter

Please don't hesitate to submit a bug report if you run into any other issues during your time with Grounded

Obsidian Support!

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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