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What RPGs I bought recently(ish)

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I really don't play anymore.

I feel I never am in character and just try to push teh story forward and save it from the rest of the party.

That said, I still like looking through interesting books, so buy some for that. My most recent purchase was:


Household, by Two Little Mice

It is about fey folk (called Littlings) living in an abandoned mansion, after the human residents disappeared 100 years earlier. The different rooms of the house represent different biomes and are home to different states. In the bathtub there is a Venice like city, the toppled christmas tree is the forest in the living room. How the water in the bathtub keeps flowing, stays fresh and the whole thing doesn't just overflow? Eh, I guess a setting with faeries should come with some magic leeway for such details.

I basically got it because I like faery settings and settings where tiny people live in a larger scaled surrounding. I would totally enjoy playing a CRPG based on the setting.


Before that I had done two purchases:


Labyrinth the RPG

Dark Crystal the RPG

They both are these small 200 page books with simple rules in the first dozen or so pages and a campaign for the majority of the book. In Labyrinth you basically do an alternate version of the movie - all players have their own reason to reach the castle, but they are not limited to the experience Sara had - when the hands are asking up or down, you could say up. The most fun of course is playing a quirky character that fits the setting, and they even made "worm" a choice of race/species.

Dark Crystal plays in the Age of Resistance, thus follows the events of the Netflix series. Players can be from any Gelfling tribe, but as this is a much darker setting than Labyrinth, player death is something that can happen and there are special rules that trigger when a player does


When making a new character, the dead player opens up new choices for character creation, allowing them to be from any of the races in the setting, including those spiders for example.

  In both of these you can tell that they were made with a lot of love, and they are possibly the only settings other than Changeling, that would get me to the table.



I am flirting with getting the new edition of Hunter: The Reckoning. It may be the first time a new edition of a campaign setting did mostly good changes, everyone seems to like.

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Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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