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This is a post that others may add extra ideas to or build upon posted ideas.

  • First request is for the quarter walls, the vertical half walls and many other walls to be able to sit at a 45 angle on the floor tiles lie regular walls can.
  • Second is for some sort of resource elevator to be able to move large quantities of stems and grass planks up to high place, for example up a zip line tower
  • Third some very basic automation of some production stations like the sap collector or the spinning wheel, strictly limited to auto input and output, so I can throw in a few stacks of web fibre and leave it for a couple in game hours while collecting other things.
  • Final for me is some sort of flood lights for lighting large open areas made with some glow goo from fireflies or possibly a firefly Boss¬†which could be cool.

Thanks to anyone who adds more ideas of amends and improves other ideas posted xxx

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