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Outer worlds outside is yellow and white but hud and menus are ok

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So recently my partner bought The Outer Worlds: Spacers Choice from steam on pc and everything shows up as the correct color, the menus, huds, and cutscenes all play with a normal color but the actual game itself is this weird yellow and white inverted type color scheme. When you look at a sun or planet it shows some reds but that is it. There were no changes on their part to the graphics menus and we have tried reinstalling and new save files as well as a few others and we are just trying to figure out how to work it :(( I genuinely hurts to look at its so bad 

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My friend, this very issue is LITERALLY why I just went looking for this forum and made an account.  I am having exactly the same problem, and in fact just earlier made a Reddit post about it (here if you want to chime in or check for solutions).  For me this only happened after I upgraded to the Spacer's Choice Edition (original game looks fine).  Full details in the link above, but attaching my screenshot here in case it helps others see what we're faced with.  Please let me know if you find a solution and I will do the same!  2d4vwa10ht7b1.png?width=1890&format=png&

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Hey yall, i (just as mimeflower) made an account just to respond to this since i had a similar problem.

!! Was able to fix the Issue by turning off "Auto HDR" in Settings with Windows 11. !!

It occured when i switched Displays, from TV to Display.


hope this helps!



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