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[CLASS BUILD] Lodefens - Wild Orlan Paladin - Shieldbearer of St. Elcga

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[CLASS BUILD] Lodefens - Wild Orlan Paladin - Shieldbearer of St. Elcga

This is a standard paladin built on achieving highest deflection possible.
In the beginnig there was no way to progress with MAX Resolve, so i went for an offensive build until Act II,
then I put all in RES.
For Llengrath I maxed MIG and CON instead, to avoid dragons abilities and wizards spells.


"I won't fall!" (Lodefens motto)

PoTD: YES (ver. 3.07-1318 LATEST)
SOLO: YES (ver. 3.07-1318 LATEST)
Race: Wild Orlan (+2 Perception, +1 Resolve, -1 Might, Defiant Resolve)
Culture: Aedyr (+1 RES)
Background: Laborer (+1 Mechanics, +1 Athletics)


Initial (with bonus and malus):
MIG 17
COS 10
DES 18
PER 18
ACU 10

Act 2 and after (with bonus and malus):
MIG 17
COS 10
DES 10
PER 10
ACU 11
RIS 20

See battle against Llengrath for specific respec values.

Skill score at 15th level:
Athletics: 3 (0 +2 Paladin +1 Laborer)
Survive: 2
Mechanics: 7 (6 +1 Laborer)
Stealth: 9
Lore: 6 (5 +1 Paladin)

At 16th level with respec put enough points to get 6 in Survive, 7 point in Lore and the rest in Athletics.

Talents and abilities

1° level: Flames of Devotion
2° level: Two weapons style
3° level: Zealous Focus +6 Accuracy, +15% of Grazes converted to Hits
4° level: Weapon Focus Noble (Rapier, Dagger, Mace)

Before Maerwald respec in:
1° level: Lay on Hands
2° level: Weapon and Shield Style
3° level: Zealous Endurance
4° level: Shielding Touch
5° level: Inspiring Triumph

Continuing with:
6° level: Deep Faith
7° level: Liberating Exhortation
8° level: Superior Deflection
9° level: Flames of Devotion

Before Cail respec in:
1°  level: Lay on Hands
2°  level: Weapon and Shield Style
3°  level: Zealous Endurance
4°  level: Shielding Touch
5°  level: Sworn Enemy --> here there's only this one or Flames of Devotion
6°  level: Deep Faith
7°  level: Liberating Exhortation
8°  level: Superior Deflection
9°  level: Righteous Soul (the only defensive ability at 9th level)
10° level: Cautious Attack

Continuing with:
11° level: Deprive the Unworthy (no other defensive abilities)
12° level: Greater Lay on Hands
13° level: Sacred Immolation
14° level: Graceful Retreat
15° level: Abjuration (useful against spirits, no choice for defensive abilities)
16° level: Fast Runner (+5 disengaging)

While abilities are always the same choice, you can go for 2 alternatives set of talents after 10th level:

First set (more balanced):
Weapon and Shield Style
Shielding Touch
Deep Faith
Superior Deflection
Cautious Attack
Shielding Flames (or Deep Pockets)
Fast Runner
Graceful Retreat

Second set (full defensive):
Weapon and Shield Style
Shielding Touch
Deep Faith
Superior Deflection
Cautious Attack
Snake's Reflexes
Bear's Fortitude
Bull's Will

See Leengrath fight for specific choice for that battle.

End game equipement (see notes below for eq used during the run)
Weapon set 1: Captain Viccilo's Anger (Legendary, Shocking lash, Durganized, Salying Vessel)  + Aila Braccia (Superb, Durganized)
Weapon set 2: Bittercut (Superb, Corrisive lash, Durganized, Slaying Beast) + Little Savior (Superb, Durganized)
Head: Garodh's Chorus (Preservation)
Neck: Cape of the Master Mystic or Mantle of the Excavator
Armor: Ryona's Breastplate (full upgraded)
Hands: Gauntlets of Accuracy or Gauntlets of Swift Action or Siegebreaker Gauntlets
Ring 1: Ring of protection
Ring 2: Iron Circle or Ring of Changing Heart
Waist: Looped Rope
Feet: Viettro's Formal Footwear or Boots of Speed or Fenwalkers or Boots of Stability
Pet: Concelhaut's Skull

Note: St. Wygelt's Cudgel fits weel with this built, you can use also this weapon if you like.

See videos for situational equipment.

Now a diary and some consideration about the run with equipment used.

Initial Equipments were:
Fulvano's Equipment
Breastplate or Brigadine
Rapier + Dagger or Mace
Raedric Loot

At Raedric's Keep I looted:
Gauntlets of Accuracy +5 ACC
Ring of Searing Flames
Bluntig belt
Boot of Stealth
Gloves of Manipulation
Fine Rapier
Fine Large Shields
Fine Brigadine
Fine Mail Armor
Fine Breastplate
Several others fine weapons (Pike, Spear, Hatchet etc.)

For Maerwald I bought Outworn Buckler.
This is my battle agains him:

At Defiance Bay I bought the Sword of Prix and enchanted it with Slaying Kith e Burning Lash, and bought
Hanover's Fist of Dodm and enchanted it with Slaying Vessels and Shocking Lash.

In Defiance Bay I had been wearing Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath or Äru-Brekr.

I did ALL side quest of Act 2 before The Hermit of Hadret House.
I did Missing Sentries with some nice bonuses from Serel, getting 19 MIG, 18 CON and 8 Athletics (without points in it).

I did also Clandestine Cargo at 7th, and Cail The Silent at 10th:

I completed WM1 at 10th level, no need for Scroll of Prayer Against Imprisonment for Lagufaeths, I used
mostly Resolution with Slaying Wilders and Corrode Slash.

For Galvino's workshop I used St. Ydwen Redeemer (upgraded to last stage using The Ring of Wonder for Second Chance).

At level 11th I did Iklak, The Dweller and Cyrdel, to level at 12th.

Done Durgan Battery with some pulling, but enough easely.

Taken The Unlabored Blade and Ryona's BreastPlate, with some difficulty to kill the Bleak Walkers (some of them have 133 deflection!).

Now Eyeless at Iron Flail Fort: St. Ydwen's Redeemer, 5 potions di Llengrath's Displaced Image and 5 of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion
with Gauntlets of Accuracy bonus +10 against vessels from Survive and splitting them with 3 shadows: killed almost easily..

Before Kaoto I upgraded Steadfast to last stage and retrieved Rundl's Finery.

Abbey: flooded Lower Tide quarters, retrieved Mantle of the Excavator and Abydon's Hammer, now I'm 14th.
Atsur at Caed Nua! :)

Done the Kraken at 14th with Bittercut:

Now I'm going to ACT 3.

Kerdhed Pames e Rêghar Konnek for doing Prisons of Ice, killing mostly of Pale Elfs.
Taken Blooded Hunter and leveled at 15th.

Taken Berath's boon (another +1 RES and +5 against Paralyzed and Petrified).

Did At the Mercy of the Tribes and gained Wild Running.
Got Song of the Heavens.

Oh, ok, the Sky Dragon:

Retrieved Looped Rope at 16th level.

At late game you can achieve 185 of Deflection with potions and abilities and 33 Resolve (37 with Redeemer):


I took Executioner's Hood and Siegebreaker Gauntlets, they stacks (+10 ACC), but mostly I had worn Garodh's Chorus and Gauntlets of Accuracy.

Done ALL bounties except Brynlod...

Now Concelhaut, Baelorin and company I had to split them, no problems with Concelhaut apprentices save for Sabel (split/pulling the Skeletons).
Concelhaut was easy (tactic involved Wizard's Double, Scroll of Minoletta's Concussive Missiles, Bittercut, Godansthunyr, Aila Braccia and Outworn Buckler😞

And now Sefyra with Scale-breaker, 10 Scrolls of Missile Barrage, Infestation of Maggots from Bittercut, Confusion (5), paralysis (5),
ring of +4 INT, helm of +4 MIG, coat of +4 PER, shoes of +4 DEX, Wayfare's Hide Durgan Reinforced and +2 Resolve, Steadfast, Aila Braccia and Outworn Buckler

For fun I've done The Champion of Berath:

Last (but not least) bounty, Brynlod with 6 charmes, 2 dominates and some Maelstroms ;)

For Alpine Dragon I "cheated" a little, put all my fiches on high defense, took foes as a shield killing the Dragon with Persistence:

And in the end Llengrath (I took inspiration from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-7SRHml-k4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3iFg1qZT80&t=26s ) :



And, finally, Thaos. Very easy with the Redeemer:







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3 hours ago, Chaospread said:

Hi, thank you.

At the moment I have little time to dedicate to games, unfortunately :(
Anyway, if I had time, either I'd make a build kind a "Druid of Berath" (a Death Godlike Druid with Bear Spiritshift) or I'd play POE2 ;)

The druid sounds super interesting! For POE 2 what classes/multiclasses do you like or would be interested in doing?

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19 hours ago, patronkus said:

The druid sounds super interesting! For POE 2 what classes/multiclasses do you like or would be interested in doing?

Certanly a Druid, Rogue, Wizard and multiclasses that involved those classes, anyway I'll have to study POE2 rules to make a good idea on what to do ;)

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  • 5 months later...


    for a party you can go for a sturdy tank with these choices:

1°  level: Lay on Hands
2°  level: Weapon and Shield Style
3°  level: Zealous Endurance or Zealous Focus
4°  level: Shielding Touch
5°  level: Liberating Exhortation
6°  level: Deep Faith
7°  level: Coordinated Attacks
8°  level: Superior Deflection
9°  level: Righteous Soul
10° level: Cautious Attack
11° level: Healing Chain or, if you have another healer in the party, Hastening Exhortation or Aegis of Loyalty
12° level: Bear's Fortitude
13° level: Sacred Immolation
14° level: Bull's Will
15° level: Behold the Martyr or one ability not chosen at level 11
16° level: Snake's Reflexes

Stick to an hatchet and shield as weapons and put him in the front line together other dps characters ;)

For hardy encounters you can switch hatchet to a marking weapon (Shame or Glory or Cladhalíath).

Hope you enjoy it and have fun!

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