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I'm pretty sure you all know the drill by now. I will put these guys up on the poll shortly after I write this.

Please check some of my other posts out, such as these:

Army Ants

Ogre-Faced Spider, Stonefly Larva

Scorpion, Pseudoscorpion 

And now for the ideas!

-Bloated Sweet-Tooth-

Uhh...how are black ants different from red ants again? Their color? Their tier? Yeah, that isn't enough for me, so I'm gonna make some changes.

The honeypot ant is a small, black ant who has a special caste of worker called a rotund. Rotunda can store honey in their big bubble butt to feed the colony's larva (I think).

I want to see this in Grounded.

The Black Ant Rotund is a caste of Black Ant Worker with serious junk in their trunks. Rotunda are found wherever Black Ants patrol. Their strength and HP falls in between the strength and HP of a Black Ant Worker and the strength and HP of a Black Ant Soldier. They most often accompany Soldiers due to their unique game mechanic. All that time around bees has paid off for these ants, and now they have warriors that...explode. Rotunda will rush you, and are much faster than Soldiers. They are basically suicide bombers. They WANT you to kill them, so they can explode into a geyser of healing honey that lingers for quite a while. Any ant that walks in the honey gains health over time as long as they are in the honey pool. The honey pool is actually harmful to players, since it slows you down when you walk in it. So, you have regenerating soldier ants swarming you while you are helpless and can't escape? Fun! I need this.

Rotunda are tier 2 and exclusive to the Black Ants, they cannot be found in any other colony. This addition will basically set in stone the actual species of the dubious "Black Ants". They are now honeypot ants. The names won't be changed though. The game will still call them Black Ants.

-Grey Goo-

Harvestmen/daddy long-legs are harmless oversized mites that can cluster up into massive globs of stringy legs. They do this for warmth. No, the house is not growing hair. Those are actually bugs.

Nanobots in science fiction are based off of daddy long-legs. Small, harmless, and weak bug-looking things that cluster up and kill everything? Yep! That fits the bill.

Harvestmen are neutral bugs that roam around the lower and upper yard. They are weak and flimsy, so they are tier 1. But together...they can be a problem.

In the Undershed, under the deck of the shed, under the deck of the house, on the underside of the Picnic Table, really anywhere where there's noticeable human presence, there are Harvestman clusters. The thing with these guys is that they work like Zombie Pigmen from Minecraft. If you aggro one, you aggro the whole swarm. So if you shoot at one of these clusters...you better have packed bombs.

They drop Mite Fuzz (NOT A SPIDER), Harvestman Legs, and Harvestman Fangs. These are used to craft the Longleg Scythe, which works like a boomerang. You throw it, it hits something, then it returns to you. It's just a cool tier 1 weapon.

And..that is all for this post.



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Also this is my last post. I posted all of my ideas, and now I'm gonna stop clogging up the damn forum.

I just really like this game, and you get a lot of good ideas for bugs when you study entomology IRL.

I was actually thinking "house centipede" for another post but then I realized how big that is. It's even bigger than the solifugid.

This game is going to be big one day. I hope at least one guy on the dev team reads all this ****.


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  • Gorth changed the title to Feedback

@JustLikeAFruitPounder sorry, I messed up the thread title by accident by making a wrong move. Happy to rename it back if you tell me the name, I just don't have any recollection of what the original title was :(


“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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I love the Idea of a honey-pot ant! genius! but what if it's drops let you craft some kind of canteen, or maybe another healing item, like the healbasa. 

I'd also like to see more tie-ins with this yoked girth guy. we don't know much about him, and that makes the concept of milk molars appear strange and weird. as for the harvest-man spiders, I don't know. 

grounded already has It's fair share of spiders, and frankly, I don't see any more coming. a daddy long legs would be cool, but where are you going to put it? unless the deck gets an update, I don't see a valid home for these guys.

the yard is kinda crowded at the moment. and until the devs find a clever way to fix it (which they will) I don't see many more bugs or biomes in the future.

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