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The Trapmaking Ogress and the Savage Merfolk

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More high fantasy names for more enemies! This is a small one today. Only 2 this time, but these ones will be hella interesting.

Please check out the other posts in this series if you haven't already. More views=more of a chance that the devs will read these.

Scorpions, Pseudoscorpions

Lacewing Adults, House Flies, Sun Spider (BOSS)

Saucer Bug (Miniboss), Damselfly (Miniboss), Earwig

Damn, clickbait AND self-promotion! I should start a YT channel.

Now let's get into the ideas.

I just discovered that there was a species of spider called the Ogre-Faced Spider, and how it hunts is very interesting. Like a commercial fisherman, it throws a net out into the open. When something wanders into it, they stick to the net (since said net is made of sticky silk), and then the spider closes the net around its prey, pulls the net up to its mouth, and eats its prey alive.

I want to see this in Grounded for obvious reasons.

The spider will be tier 2 and will be specific to the Hedge. They hide on the lower branches of the Hedge, tossing their net down on the mossy floor. Since the Hedge is very dark and you don't know where you're going, this is the perfect area to jumpscare people, especially at night. If you don't bring a few torches, you are practically blind in the Hedge at nighttime. This gives theĀ Ogre-Faced Spider the perfect opportunity to strike.

Once you are in the net, you must press A and D repeatedly to get out. Once you are out of the net, the spider will drop to the floor and attack you. They have a little less health than an Orb Weaver, so you should be fine. But once you are in the net, the spider will bite you constantly, with no way to block the attacks.

If you shoot the spider out of the air, it will just fall to the floor and attack you.

It'll just drop Spider Parts and Web Fiber, nothing special.

Next up is the "Savage Merfolk".

Even though the only neuropteran larvae we see in-game live on land, most neuropterans have larvae that are fully aquatic. Stonefly larvae fall under this category.

These tier 2 larvae inhabit the Pond. Take a lacewing larvae, give it two tendril-like tails, make its skin gray, its eyes light blue, and its spots black, and you have yourself a Grounded-style stonefly larva, which looks nothing like an IRL stonefly larva, except for the tails.

These things swarm you like piranhas. The koi love them, that's why they are in there. You can buy live bugs by the thousands as fish food, pest control, etc. The Tullys threw a whole bag of them in there to feed the koi. They chewed their way out and now they're here. They are a sort of middle ground between a water flea and a diving bell spider when it comes to attack and HP. But they attack in packs of 3-5.

They drop Larva Spikes.

You can find the bag they were in at the bottom of the pond. It's full of holes from the larvae eating their way out.

That is all for today, backyard dwellers! Just trying to make already existing areas a bit more scary, but in a fairly balanced way. Watch out!

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