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PotD, ToI. Level 13 right now. In any serious battle, they honorably unleash figurines and wait until they have enough phrases to summon monsters, at which point they honorably drown the enemies in monsters while honorably pelting them from range.

So, ranged weapons, and very preferably long range. They are for taking down bosses. Helwax Mold, Durgan Steel, burning down an orphanage because it'll give me a gun, anything goes.

P.S. 6x chanter is working out much better than 6x fighter for these one class PotD ToI shenanigans...

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My Deadfire mods
Out With The Good: The mod for tidying up your Deadfire combat tooltip.
Waukeen's Berth: Make all your basic purchases at Queen's Berth.
Carrying Voice: Wider chanter invocations.
Nemnok's Congregation: Lets all priests express their true faith.

Deadfire skill check catalogue right here!

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Hi, long range (12 meters) there are Bows, Crossbows and Arbalests.

From these I'd pick the ones with Speed and Wounding, so:

  • Persistence
  • Wendgär
  • Hold Wall (with also overbearing)
  • The Rain of Godagh Field

And some with stunning and overbearing:

  • Aedrin's Wrecker (stunning and overbearing)
  • Borresaine

So 6 weapons, by the way I'd drop one os those for

  • Pliambo per Casitàs

for Marking and Disorienting enchantments.

If you wanna 6 weapons with Helwax Mold, I'd choose:

  • Persistence
  • Hold Wall
  • Aedrin's Wrecker
  • Borresaine
  • 2 x Pliambo per Casitàs (+10 for 2 PG are better).

Stormcaller for chanter is not so good and shock damage versus bosses don't make the difference in my opinion.

One note: with these weapons you can face stun or prone immunity enemies, but you'd can have problems with pierce immunity foes, like rain and flame blights (I don't remember other enemy with this immunity), so you can keep some wands/rods/scepter as backup :)

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