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I didn't realized that a lovely afternoon was controversial

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(No swearing will be used in this post. Bad words will be represented as %%%. Probably non-bad words will be represented as ###. The symbol '*' is literal.)

There is a sub-biome in the backyard in Grounded which is called a ###nic table. A [language warning] ###nic table is a table with attached benches which is used during afternoon outings, hiking, and camping situations for eating meals with friends and families. There is a shovel at the base of the ###nic table in the Grounded back yard. My friend and I, in our shared world, created a flag at the base of the shovel called "###nic table". When we create this flag, the name of the flag in the hud shows as "***nic table".

"What in the world?" We thought.

Well, lets try again.

We recreated the marker. Named it "###nic table" and it showed as "***nic table".

"Huh." We thought. "Lets try a bad word. %%% is a bad word. Lets try that."

We set the marker to "%%%nic table" and it took.

For the last month or two, marker for the ###nic table is called "%%%nic table." I am profanity averse, but I have started liking our "%%%nic table" marker. That said, I'd really prefer to have a "###nic table" marker on our map instead.

Does anyone have any good explanation for why a part of a perfectly normal word would be censored and not allowed to be used? Especially one as important to the game as "###nic table"? I know the word fragment can be problematic in certain online contexts, but it doesn't make sense that a shortening of a (sometimes) acceptable word would be censored, while an outright "bad word" would be allowed.

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-Hello Tux1

Thanks for letting us know about these issues with the profanity filter. This is something the team is looking at and we're hoping it should be addressed in the next patch. Please let us know if the filter is still being overly sensitive when that patch becomes available. 

Obsidian Support

Please include the following information:

1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Steam).
2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game (if multiplayer, can you tell us how many players in total in the game, and their platforms if known)
3. Difficulty level
4. Description of issue.
5. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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