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Playing on a potato laptop, Dorudugan is the only megaboss I tend to skip even for party runs, because for some reason all of its abilities can drop framerate to like 2 fps and I need to dodge them. This got me thinking about finding least interactive ways to beat it, so one freeze won't cost another 30-minute attempt.

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Again this forum just eats paragraphs, just what is happening? Sometimes it's fine then now I dare not press enter. I can only think of 1. Lover's Embrace and alike 2. Chanter or Monk with fire + pull immunity from gear 3. builds like big game hunter. Any ideas that don't involve SoT + broken things?

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This is broken for sure but you can one-shot him with a created seer (soul blade / ranger) character using soul annihilation. Will take a few hours of prep and SOF abuse, stacking focus and accuracy (if you really want to be certain, proc Scordeo's Edge's accuracy buff over and over so you auto-hit or auto-crit). IDK how you avoid the frame-drop issues you're experiencing without such abuse. 


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WRT paragraphs getting eaten, the techies haven't been able to pinpoint the cause.

But, if you use shift+enter for linebreaks, it won't eat those. I too am a victim or I would have quoted you.

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necro-ing this thread to just suggest two all-purpose non-interactive ways to take out dorudugan. (by non-interactive i mean, you could probably do these on a potato machine)

first: gouging strike. requires: a rogue of any kind, wiht gouging strike. potion of invisibility or one of the rogue's invisibility abilities.

1. stealth party (if not solo).

2. sneak rogue to dorudugan and whack them with gouging strike (reloading if you whiff). use potion of invisibilty or invisibility to sneak back to party and de-aggro dorudugan. you should stay in combat. dorudugan will die eventually. go watch an episode of your favorite TV show.


second: invulnerable party (may require berath's challenge)

requires 1 priest (of any type, so xoti or vatnir) with salvation of time and barring death's door, and the weyc's robe fully upgraded (not on the priest), and a potion of invisibility.

1. create an AI script for your priest that casts salvation of time whenever they have an intellect inspiration, maximizing the number of allies targeted, and with 1 second cooldown (i sometimes have bugs with a 0 second cooldown)

2. disable all AI when you enter dorudugan's map.

3. stealth everyone.

4. put the potion of invisibility on someone.

5. have that person sneak towards dorudugan while everyone hugs the edge of the map where you entered.

6. aggro dorudugan with that someone, and immediately drink the potion and run back to party to de-aggro.

7. have the person with weyc's robe get surrounded by the rest of your party (esp the priest) and empower an ability to activate brilliant.

8. manually spam salvation of time (the AI script won't work if dorudugan is de-aggro-ed). after you get brilliant to ~30 seconds, start buffing your party with barring death's door one at a time, with salvation of time to extend, and only doing another barring death's door on another party member once you get up to ~30s. keep spamming salvation of time until you have >100s on everyone for good measure. hopefully a potato machine can handle this level of activity, dorudugan just sits there doing nothing while you do some very low-intensity spell effects every few seconds.

9. enable AI, run in, and just auto-attack dorudugan. make sure your salvation of time script is active and everyone is near enough to get buffed by it. go watch an episode of something.

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