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Do your writers accept hate mail?

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I've just finished Act I. You bastards, I didn't think I'd get this invested in this game, and it hurt me so badly. I almost want to warn the friends I recommended this game to.

My girlfriend has been sitting here for the last ten minutes, sympathetically reading out spoiler-free comments from other people who've had the same experience. Bless her.


I feel disappointed in myself. My friend's head was on the line and I panicked.


I didn't know what to do. I convinced myself it was <person> because I was afraid for the kind old monk.

It's a magnificent work and I'm hoping to find a way to get my dad to play it - he has a master's degree in art history and this might actually be a video game he'd enjoy - but why do you have to hurt us so?

At least Andreas expressed remorse at the start of Act II.

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Correction, more than enjoy, I think my dad might love this game. It's so well-crafted with so many wonderful little details.

I just need to make sure he hasn't had to put a pet down recently. The combination of guilts might release my inheritance early.

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