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Hello All!

I didn't like Xoti very much, so I won't be keeping she in the Main Party.

At the same time, I'm kind of a completationist, so I'd like to advance and conclude her personal quest... currently I'm exploring Neketaka, I'd like to know when I should use her to advance quest (status attached).

Directions, anyone? :)


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They are the places where you find wandering spirits that you can interact with. They include the beach where you wash up after the opening ship battle, Vilario's Rest, Gorecci Street and the Digsite. If you plan on recruiting Xoti, bring her along when you go to the latter two of these sites, and go back to Vilario's Rest with her. She can also interact with spirits at other places where you encounter them, such as the second level of Oathbinder's Sanctum. I think that just interacting with spirits in these opening areas is sufficient to move her quest along. You'll also need to talk with her periodically.

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