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Mouse Sensitivity issue on Tracker?

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Just curious if there is any more information about workaround or fix.  I'm playing on PC, downloaded game thru gamepass.  Using Logitech G502 on Windows 10.  Drivers up to date

The issue tracker states "Extreme low mouse sensitivity" but I don't think that actually describe the issue.  The cursor behaves as expected in menus but Looking around with mouse does not work.  It appears to me the inputs from mouse act as the top of a joystick with limited range of motion.  Adjusting the sensitivity does nothing, it has no impact.   

Looking for more information about this issue because currently unplayable with mouse.



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Updating for clarity -

Inputs from mouse turn character on a sort of grid, similar to joystick input.
Unlike expected freelook, you cannot escape the grid and input is not 1:1 to normal mouse movement.

I was wrong about sensitivity, adjusting in game to 100% allows for slightly faster movement on the grid.  

Found this video demonstration that shows the issue. 


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5 hours ago, iMiAMi2014 said:

Looks like a problem with the mouse software settings. Is Logitech G HUB (or equivalent) installed? Is there some kind of "sniper" profile loading that automatically lowers mouse sensitivity?

Logitech Gaming Software installed and up to date.  No sniper profile like you mentioned.   

I have also tried 3 other devices with no luck.

12 hours ago, spxdd said:

yes i had this issue once in 0.14 version

How did you get around it?

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