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In the facts, this Animal companion ability doesnt feign the Uncounscious appearance, that give 9999 damages to himself and a timer after what he revive.


Animal companion is not a summon, so his death trigger the Rightful Vengeance (+1 might and resolve until combat end) from the Crown of the Exiled Queen, and Grieving, Denial and Guilt (+1 might and 5% beneficial/hostile effects duration, until combat end or switching weapon) from Burden. Each effect stack 4 times, and with everything.

Animal can be reanimed by "classic ways", so it is possible (but tedious) to use a similar thing that the Strand of Favor trick in fight : 4x the animal companion Play Dead with a quick reanimation, or 4 animals play dead in the same time and revive, then switch and switch back to Burden (wit Guilt), and animals play dead again. 

Another good thing about play Dead is when there is a Fighter (enemy) able to cast Take the Hit. While confused, he redirect 50% of damages from allies and enemies who have the Take the Hit status to himself. In the case the Animal Companion success to be near a confused Fighter when he cast Take the Hit, Play Dead redirect to him 5000 damages on Play Dead. 


Spark the Souls of the Righteous still deal this aura shock damages when the allie (here, the animal) with the effect is uncouscious. 


I dont find other nice usages of Play Dead, but maybe there are some others!

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6 hours ago, SArgentus said:

Not by my setup right now, does anyone know how this interacts with pain link from cipher?

This is the first thing I tried, but that dont do anything : on the animal, the damages are dealed by himself, so nothing ; on a fighter or any character wearing Furrante's Breastplate (Take the Hit) nearby the animal, nothing either (maybe some damages are returned to the animal but he is already dead).

The best think to know is IMO the potentially +4 res and +8 might from Burden and the Crown. 

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