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  1. Platform: PC - Steam 
  2. S or M?: Multiplayer
  3. Issues:
    1. Game is crashing when it tries to display Saves available to host.
    2. Shared saves will not display.
    3. Shared save will be missing our player constructed items.
  4. Description:
    1. The game may lead to crashes when trying to load saves to host. After restarting, the game may not show shared saves. After restarting, the game may crash when trying to load saves. After restarting, the shared save may disappear. After restarting, the shared save will lack all in-game progress forcing us to restart and try again. When functional, game will load save and all will be normal. 
  5. Began:
    1. Issue began after Homestretch update went live.
      • It might be placebo but there was no noticeable issue during the public beta.
    2. Troubleshooting -
      • No updates or changes to Windows.
      • Already attempted to both verify and reinstall the game with no improvement. 
      • Attempted to log out of Live and log back in.
      • Created New Shared Save post-update. 
      • This has been occurring for two days consecutively for both my friend and I on the Steam copy. 
      • If we are lucky, the game will load available saves and we can host without it crashing.
      • This means multiple attempts to load and play the game hoping it does not crash prior to selecting and loading a save.
      • If the save is missing our constructed assets, we will attempt to load the save again to solve it. 

Video of the Crash (30 sec - Uploaded via Windows tool): https://clipchamp.com/watch/GOzY5d11lIL

System Details (Dxdiag.txt): 

  • Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 22000) 
  • MS-7D32 MSI 1.70 BIOS
  • Intel Core i9-12900k, ~3.2GHz
  • 131072 RAM - (Page File) 16952MB used, 133392MB available
  • DirectX 12 - RTX 3090 Ti - 89780 MB - Driver Version


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Added that I tried a new save after update.
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