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For versatility of range or diversity of damage, to have some backup weapon set in fight can be useful ; there are two items that give a weapon slot when equipped.

The Giftbearer's Cloth and the Fleshmender armor give, together, two weapon slots ; when desequipped, the weapons in the slot are like suspended in the game dephts. Via the inventory or in combat, they are unavailable.

But for the AI , the restriction doesnt matter and it is possible to switch to the weapon set desired with the script. So, with these two items, the whole party can get 4 weapon slots and using them in combat. 

The AI can be scripted for using consumables, it is possible to get every scroll and potion slot for the fight too.

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1 hour ago, Constentin Lévine said:

I use it only for Fast-Switching purpose, and this is how I have found that!

out of curiosity, how does this AI look ("for fast-switching purposes")? wondering if it's something i should incorporate

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This is really simple, at conditional I took "always true", and choose the 2 weapon slots I want to switch. In this configuration, when I active the AI (I remplace the default AI by this one), the weapon slots switch over and over. With only one weapon slot in the script (you can delete or ad a ligne like you want) the weapon set just change. Then you can return to the No AI condition.

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